Tuesday, December 2, 2014

5 Questions for LVMH Recruiter Liraz Isaac

1. How significant is social media to you as a recruiter?

Social Media is increasingly becoming an essential tool for recruiting. Not only does it give us a platform on which we can announce our searches thereby increasing potential candidate outreach, but it can also provide us with further insight into our existing candidates as well as access to sourcing passive candidates. The amount of exposure we can potentially give and receive is vast. This makes Social Media management a standard in my daily essential tasks. 

2. What advice can you give current job seekers that will help them accelerate entry into a position?

Know yourself and the position you want! Every day, at least one job seeker contacts me with their resume asking if I have any positions available that I think would match their background. It's always nice to try to make a connection and I commend the effort. However, this is not the strongest strategy in comparison to other messages I receive from people who took the time to research our site and found a job they love and then email me their resume with a compelling explanation as to why they would be the perfect fit for the role they chose.  This type of job seeker is more interesting for me to pursue because right away they exemplify strong qualities like thoughtfulness, motivation, and passion. If you don't know what you want in your next step, I would suggest consulting with a career counselor. Agency recruiters may also be a great way to explore opportunities if you have a good background and are flexible with positions and industries. Referrals are also a fantastic way to accelerate your process.  In this industry we value potential candidates who come highly recommended to us from trusted sources. So don't be afraid to leverage your network and make strong contacts to help you in your job search! 

 3. How has recruitment changed in the past 5 years?

Recruitment is very much Social Media-driven now than it ever before. I use LinkedIn, FaceBook (facebook.com/lvmhcareers), and even Twitter for recruiting purposes. I could not say that five years ago! 

 4. Should companies be concerned with high turnover rates?

From a business perspective, absolutely. High turnover is generally not great as it would then involve dedicating time, money, and effort into recruitment, onboarding, training, etc -- not to mention losing employees that are already familiar with the respective company's brand, processes, culture, etc. On the flip side, retention can also be costly as it may involve investing in employees through further training and development in order to keep them engaged and motivated. Being business and quality minded, I certainly would prefer the latter. I am proud to say that within my current role, the vast majority of my requisitions are newly created positions and very few are due to turnover. This, to me, is very exciting and speaks highly of the company!! 
5. What makes millennials in the workforce unique?

Millennails are born with technological knowledge that most non-Millennials were not blessed with.  They seem to multitask more easily within different applications and expect fast results. They don't check their voicemails much so it's better to email them.

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