Thursday, February 5, 2015

5 Questions for Melissa McComas CEO of TWM Tsunami Worldwide Media

1. If you found yourself in a remote village that lacked technological resources, what would you tell people there that you do for a living? 

If I found myself in a remote location that lacked technological resources (which I have at times); I would tell people that I handle peoples hopes and dreams and inspire them to tell their stories. 

2. How much time do you spend each day addressing the social media needs of your business? 

Our business feels that social media is an important medium for our clients, based on campaigns for clients the time varies with a rational balance of at least 50% of the campaigns reach is based upon social media marketing to reach the targeted audience. 
3. Which of your projects over the years has given you the greatest sense of satisfaction? 

Each project brings a sense of satisfaction as we are helping people to accomplish their dreams, however I have a soft spot for any project that our business has been involved in that contributes a portion of the projects proceeds to help children increase their pursuit of the arts and reading programs; as a book can take a child on an otherwise undiscovered journey that increases their hemisphere of knowledge. 

4. What is the secret to being highly visible on LinkedIn? 

I really don't think that there is secret to LinkedIn; I've been active on LinkedIn since 2008 when a young intern in our office suggested that it would be the next best thing compared to Facebook but for business. I depend on new fresh ideas and young minds as I mentor many, this is a good example of that. When young kids say to me "Hey let's try this out"; I say; Great let's take it for a test drive !!!" I like to post on LinkedIn quotes or sayings that I find have yet to be posted, they are designed by our firm - as I like to keep things fresh and I believe in the quotes as they have meaning to me. In addition I keep my connections well within the industry that I work in, and I look forward to reading others posts that make me think or perhaps in a post I learn something new. Sticking with the positive is always the way to go in any social media forum. I always say; "If you’re not learning you’re not Living" 

5. What upcoming project is most exciting to you right now? 

Currently we have lots of new projects that have yet to be announced but will be announced in the upcoming weeks, actually three come to mind - one is a salute to veterans, another is salute to Moms and other one is a historical piece about a key non-profit organization and its founder. Again for me when reviewing what new work the firm should take on - I make the final decision; I want the work we take on to inspire others, incorporate value based lessons and knowledge and lastly work that will be considered timeless. Each of our clients have value and they bring a special message to the marketplace. When our clients thank our firm for our hard work and dedication, I personally tell them that they should pat themselves on the back as well, as they had the faith and fortitude to listen to our guidance and direction and that unto itself is thanks’ enough. We look forward to continuing to bring wonderful and enriching stories to the marketplace. I thank my team for always working nonstop, and together we roll-up our sleeves and get the job done. All things worth doing require dedication, teamwork, and a good sense of humor ! 

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