Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Interview with CEO Paul Greenberg

Paul Greenberg is CEO of Nylon Media, a leading international provider of fashion, beauty, music and pop culture content for Millennials that has print, digital, e-commerce and event assets including NYLON magazine, NYLON.com and Socialyte.

1. How much time do you spend each day on social media?

10-15% of my time. Twitter is my news feed, and I am always checking other sources to see how people's usage is changing.

2. Over the past 10 years, what Web site have you consistently visited the most?


3. Fill in the blank please. Any aspiring or current CEO must __?___ to remain effective in the increasingly digital business space?

Stay completely abreast of new products, sites, apps and media news. It's critical to understand how tech and digital is changing but also understand the landscape and companies' relationship to each other. 

4. Among executives, is there a personality trait that is most conducive to fostering a successful business?

Patience and empathy. Ultimately businesses are nothing but people, and as a manager, you have to figure out the best way of motivating and inspiring them. 

5. Do you think you'll ever leave New York City?

Hopefully not. :)

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